The Magnum Opus Fund: Inflammatory Polyneuropathy

TIFF is now accepting designated donations for research into the disease called Inflammatory Polyneuropathy, which has only recently been diagnosed in cats.

Very little is known about this disease — except for the frustrating process of diagnosis: in short, if you’ve done every imaginable test, and all the tests have come back negative, then the illness is presumed to be polyneuropathy.

What is known about polyneuropathy is that it affects all breeds of cats. Many cases seem to be triggered by another event in the cat’s life; the most commonly-documented events are vaccination and surgery. The Bengal breed has been the breed most often diagnosed with polyneuropathy — possibly because Bengals are so costly that their owners are likely to spend more on their cat’s medical diagnosis than owners of other breeds. Since it costs thousands to test for (and rule out) everything else, diagnosis of polyneuropathy can be a dauntingly expensive process. Yet, with proper diagnosis and medical care, many cats with polyneuropathy have recovered from the acute phase of the illness and gone on to live a nearly-normal life. Unfortunately, most cats with this disease end up being euthanized for lack of proper diagnosis and care.

If you would like to help with research on Inflammatory Polyneuropathy, then please consider making a directed contribution today. If you are a U.S. citizen, your contribution is tax-deductible as a non-profit, charitable donation as recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service.

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