Bio: Judy Bernbaum, M.D., Board Member

Judith BernbaumI live in Chester Springs, PA, a small town about an hour west of Philadelphia.

I am a pediatrician, having received my medical degree in 1975, after which I did my residency and fellowship training at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  After training, I remained at CHOP where I am on staff and am medical director of The Neonatal Follow Up Program.  In this capacity, I am responsible for following former preterm and high-risk infants from hospital discharge until school age from a medical and developmental standpoint.  In addition to providing these children with their complex medical care, I am involved in clinical research studies, both within the hospital as well as in multi-center national studies. My husband David is also a physician. We became involved in the cat fancy in 1995 when our son left for college, hence the name of our cattery: MTNest Maine Coons.  This was done in an attempt to get away from medicine, at least for some weekends.  What evolved, however, was a passion for cats and, in particular, our breed.  We particularly enjoyed the social aspects and camaraderie that TICA provided. We have gone on to breed and show cats that have achieved international recognition including having the Best Cat and Best Kitten in TICA within the past several years.  I serve on TICA’s Maine Coon breed committee and, in this role, am committed to advancing the qualities and standards of our breed.  I also am president of Karousel Kats, a club that is a charter member of TICA since its inception; in addition, I function as show manager for our show each year.  I was excited to be asked to serve on TIFF’s board since one of its missions is to support research in many aspects of feline medicine and quality of life, areas that have become very important to me. Since I am myself involved in clinical research, I feel that I am equipped to evaluate proposals from a medical and academic perspective and advise our board accordingly.