Bio: Ellen Crockett, Treasurer

Ellen Crockett


  • TICA Judge since 1985
  • TICA Board Member since 2005
  • TICA Rules Committee, 1998 – 2005, re-appointed 2010
  • TICA Genetics Committee – 1998 – 2006, re-appointed 2010
  • TIFF Treasurer since 1998

Ellen and her husband Larry, moved to the Olympic Peninsula in 1998
when he retired from the Army. They share their home with three
Dobermans and an English Mastiff (all rescues), two Devon Rex cats, an African
Gray parrot, and a Betta fish named Steve. They are currently
building a winery in Port Townsend (two rescue cats live there).
Ellen recently retired as Disaster Director for the Olympic Peninsula
Chapter of the American Red Cross.